Featured Loaf: The Beer Swiss

Ingredients :: Organic Durum Flour - Sir Galahad Artisan White Flour - Celtic Sea Salt - Oso’s Rusty Red Beer - Wisconsin Aged Swiss Cheese

Last summer we began brainstorming over a beer bread.  We knew it'd have to be cheesy, and a good hearty loaf like our Sesame Semolina.  We did a little research and realized we'd need to find a good red beer to create a harmonious balance with the tangy flavor of sourdough.  Oso's Rusty Red was our pick!  

And so, the Beer Swiss was born.  This MGB creation hit the shelf and instantly became a favorite. Malty, rich and well-balanced with a mild swiss cheese, this loaf is perfect for sandwiches or dipping in your favorite soup.  Our friend Chelsey suggests a "gooey grilled cheese alongside a homemade tomato basil soup".  Try pairing slices with bold flavors such as zesty horseradish mustard, spicy arugula, and roast beef for flavor overload.



Featured Farm: Field Notes Farm in Custer, WI

photo credit: www.sepandstell.com

photo credit: www.sepandstell.com

Field Notes Farm was started in the fall of 2014 by Oren Jakobson and Polly Dalton.  A love for connections, community, and sustainably grown food eventually led to their certified organic, community supported agriculture (CSA) farm.  Oren and Polly are mindful farmers - they have continuously kept track of their observations and reflections during their scientific field studies of the farm.  

Their produce can be found in season at the Green Gecko Grocer & Deli in Appleton,  The Village Hive: Bakery & Local Foods Collective in Amherst, the Stevens Point Area Co-op, at the Downtown Appleton Farmers Market, and at the Downtown Stevens Point Farmers Market.

Employee Interview: Lydia Kasper


How long have you been working at the bakery? A year and a half.

What's your favorite part about working at the bakery? When I was a baker, I loved coming in early and setting up that counter.  Now that I work in the office, my favorite part is designing postcards and other material.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?  I have an almost four month old baby, so I don't have much free time lately ;) but when she's napping I like to cook or browse recipes, clean, and just *look* at extremely beautiful & overpriced baby clothes.

What's your favorite local business?  The Stevens Point Area Co-op.  I think we're lucky to have such a great structure in our community!

What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned from working at the bakery?  Before the bakery, I wasn't even familiar with a kitchen.  It was basically the place in which I made quesadillas.  Now, my entire foundation of baking and cooking is based off what I've learned at the bakery, and I think that's pretty cool.  Creating from scratch is really beautiful & now I know it's the only way to go! 

Any plans for the future? At the bakery or otherwise. I'd like to continue working for the bakery as long as my little babe can be along for the ride!  Aside from work and raising Clara, I'm interested in advancing my knowledge of herbal medicine and sharing it with our community.

Featured Loaf: Rustic White

Ingredients:                                                                                                                   Sir Galahad Artisan White Flour - Stone Ground Whole Wheat Flour - Rye flour - Celtic Sea Salt - Water                                                                                                                                

MGB’s most versatile loaf! When we think “sourdough”, this one generally comes to mind - as the ingredients consist of only flour, water and salt. The simplicity of this bread really allows the distinct sourdough flavor to come through, along with a blend of white, wheat and rye flour to give it just the right texture. Use this bread to dress-up some classic childhood favorites, such as a melty grilled cheese with basil pesto or spread on some creamy peanut butter & local strawberry jam from the farmer’s market.

Employee Interview: Rachel Zach

How long have you been working at the bakery? 4 years. I started working as an unpaid intern at the age of 16, and then got hired as a paid employee after 2 or 3 weeks.

What is your favorite part about working at the bakery? My coworkers and wedding season, because this means cake decorating and rad trips with Sarah.

What is your favorite item to bake at the bakery?  Scones because they’re easy, cakes because they’re fun.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?  Watching The Bachelor with my fellow bakers at Sarah Jo & Michael’s, being outdoors and traveling.

What's your favorite local business?  The Main Grain Bakery and Assembly.

What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned from working at the bakery?  The math for the sourdough builds.

Favorite memory at the bakery?  When Sarah and I delivered wedding cakes to Milwaukee, went shopping at Anthropologie, and had dinner in the Third Ward. Also, the time Sarah and I were trying to put a three-tiered wedding cake in the fridge and almost dropped it because we were laughing.

Any plans for the future? At the bakery or otherwise.  Graduate from UWSP with a major in biology and a minor in chemistry, and continue working at the bakery!

Hey guys!  Welcome to the blog!  Our first post is dedicated to ♡brides & grooms♡ 

Planning your wedding is a unique experience – it’s a chance to show off your personal style and let your creativity flow!  The MGB has a signature style that is classic and elegant.  You might be looking for cakes which create a sense of simplistic beauty [with muted colors or greens] or a cake that features several tiers, bright flowers, and intricate piping.  Our bakery is happy to provide the display of desserts you’re looking for to make your statement.  

A guest count of 100 or more is the minimum requirement to receive our full wedding services – complete our 2018 wedding inquiry form under the WEDDINGS > > INQUIRY tab on the website.