est. 2011

I T ' S  S I M P L E 

T H R O U G H O U T the centuries, grain afforded humanity with the Staff of Life.  Taking the form of naturally leavened bread, a long lasting biscotti, or a dessert cake made with available fruit or sweeteners, wheat - in addition to other grains such as rye, oat, barley, corn, and rice - make significant contributions to human development.  

In modern times, the identity of whole grains and the use of bakers' hands have been replaced by a highly mechanized fast-paced, profit driven process that requires an abundance of unnatural ingredients.  Not only has the trade been neglected, but also the real flavor of bread and pastry has been lost from contemporary taste buds.  For the price of unnecessary efficiency and unhealthy ingredients, the people have been deprived of a natural, local, and wholesome food founded on collective heritage.  

Despite the community bakery's endangered status and the challenges of opening a bakery, we dedicate ourselves to reviving the craft and fulfilling the public good.  We shall stake our lot with grain, one cup of flour at a time.