Whooooo - eeeee!

We’re busy, but we’re balanced.

“Ooooooooooof” That’s me taking a large breath after a very long, but quick
week of crazy, but good. So good. ** insert slow exhale here.

Over the weekend, we had our MGB Cake Launch party at the Claflin House (have you been…?)
We had 12 different cake variety samples located throughout the house, front porch, side porch, you name it.
Cocktails to pair made by the talented Copper & Pines crew. We also had a live jazz band
Meade Street Collective to entertain us, and of course -- my husband is taking care of the
Kubb tournament on the front lawn. Maybe you saw us playing!?

We had been busy planning & prepping for that event all week. Lots of cakes to prep, but oh so worth it!
We had a great turnout, and lots of positive feedback. We will be planning more of these events, so stay tuned!

Let’s not forget about the first Levitt Amp series on Thursday evening! We were slingin’ TOAST
all night and it was SUCH a good turnout! We were busy all week making ghee, and ricotta cheese,
and fig spread, bacon pieces - to name a few. We will be back to Pfiffner Park this Thursday! 

I may have had a birthday last week sometime… and I’m pretty sure it was our 4 year wedding anniversary
on one of those days. We celebrated with a glass of Apothic Red Wine from our dear friends who snuck
a paper grocery bag under our TOAST tent with a sweet card. I honestly thought it was a trash bag,
until I looked inside of it when we got home late and was pleasantly surprised. (love ya Jen & John).
Michael and I clinked glasses at 10:32 PM, sat on the couch in the midst of our slightly unorganized home.
(Thank God it’s cute from the outside.) Our dog had been home all night, so we we’re like
“umm.. Francis, you could have at LEAST folded the laundry..” 

Don’t worry - we threw staff photos in the mix! While we had the Claflin House rented,
I took advantage of the glorious space. Thanks to Quyen (owner of shop Assembly + photographer),
she captured our team of bakers, entertained us all, and risked her life in the middle
of Division street to get the perfect photo! LOVE. HER.

Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 8.43.18 AM.png

Okkkkk, did I mention this also released last week? I won’t say much about it here - - BUT, the full article
can be found in print in the Wausau City Pages. I’ll have a copy at the bakery if you’d like to read it!
They will also be releasing the online article this Wednesday afternoon! Stay tuned because we have
more information coming! This is just a little sneaker peaker. (** don’t worry. I promise to release all the details very soon).


Finally, we ended the week with a bang. Sunday Funday Fitness Crawl took place at Iverson Park.
It was a collaboration of 4 local fitness facilities & WE CRUSHED IT. A few of us from MGB staff
joined the “Ignite” event & probably all took naps after. Nice work team.


It’s been a week. A busy week, but balanced. We have an average of 12 on staff & a very supportive husband.
Every single one of them plays a very important role --  We have an amazing team and I couldn’t do all of this without them!

That’s it for today, but more to come! 

Ta ta for now,

Sarah Jo More
owner & operator of MGB

Photos by Lisa Young Photography (top two)
Facebook + Instagram &
June and Jae Photography (Levitt Amp photos).