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Q: I would love to know if any of your products are made with enriched flour?

A: Hi Lisa - Thanks for your question! We have quite a few flour varieties in the bakery!
The bulk of our flour comes from King Arthur - - Sir Galahad flour, which is enriched.
Basically, when you strip away the bran & the germ of the wheat berry, you are left with the endosperm,
which is used in all white flours. The endosperm doesn’t contain many nutrients, which is why they throw in a
few added nutrients. When King Arthur ‘enriches’ this variety of flour, these are the added nutrients :
niacin, reduced iron, thiamin mononitrate, riboflavin, & folic acid. Their flour is never bleached or bromated
(which is an added chemical most put in to speed up the milling process). King Arthur is the most
consistent with their flour, which is what matters most to professional bakers. King Arthur Flour ensures
that our products adhere to the tightest tolerances in the milling industry. We also use a variety of whole grain flours
grown & milled right in Wisconsin! Here’s a link to our newsletter a few months back regarding Meuer Farms!

Q: What is the most number of people working in your space at one time?

A: As I type this, I’m counting 6. Sometimes we have 7, but that’s impractical because you can’t
be the most efficient when you have 1” of tablespace to make cookies on… Yep, it’s a tight space, but we
make the most out of it, coming up with new strategies to make the best use of our time. Even though we close at 2,
we are still here until 6p to prep everything for the following day. We need that afternoon of calm to
really get all the little things done. Thanks for your question, Becky!


Q: Do the bakers have different shifts?

A: Yep! Someone starts at 4A to get the ovens fired up and start weighing out all the sourdoughs!
Then there’s that 5A pastry shift to start the bread mixes for the next day, as well as bake off all the sweets
& set up the counter! 5:30A rolls around and that person continues with the mixes and keeps the
bread oven fully stocked, also making sure the counter is looking drop dead gorgeous,
while setting aside all the special orders and wholesale bread.

6A is here and well, someone’s gotta put together the Ruby order & deliver by 6:30A. 7A counter shift starts,
throw on that apron, and you better have your smile on because you are about to serve the best of the best
in Stevens Point, WI - K? So where are we at? That’s 5 people so far. 10A and thank goodness we have someone
taking care of all the daily counter prep for the next day! I’m either working one of these shifts, doing dishes
(my favorite job, seriously), organizing something, maybe at the office, running errands, or
who knows...maybe mowing my lawn? I hope that answers your question!

And finally (this has nothing to do with anything), but here’s my go-to recipe when I
need to make a dinner that will impress. Black Bean Sweet Potato Enchiladas.

More answers to come - Thank you all who submitted questions!
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