The space that no one knows about



Looking back on the good ol’ days when we had a filing cabinet in our kitchen… (is that even legal?)
-- to what we have now is like going from a can of hamms, to a glorious Central Waters bourbon barrel stout.
I’m not saying Hamms is a bad beer, it’s just an upgrade.

I had an “office” at the bakery, then moved the bulk of our paperwork, filing boxes, etc. to my home,
creating an office there. I found myself in the home office after doing what I needed to do at the bakery,
but then would get distracted with laundry, or organizing my cupboards, or taking my dog for a walk.
All these things are great, but danggggg - home offices are distracting.
This setup was not for me - let’s separate work from home, otherwise that office is going to stare at me while
I’m folding laundry on the couch and I’m going to stare back and be like “shhhhh go awayyyyyy bye.”

Knowing the limited spaces for rent that I would actually enjoy working out of in Stevens Point (need lots of windows, white walls, near the bakery, affordable, etc), I still jumped on Craigslist…. just in case? I found the Pfiffner House was renting out office space. Photos looked intriguing, so I got in my car and headed over there. Pulled over and outside the house were documents you could take with more info on renting. I grabbed the paper, got back in my car, and called the phone number listed.

Me : “Hello! Would you have time to meet with me so
I could look at your office space for rent?”

Dave : “Sure! What time works for you?”

Me : “Well…. I’m sort of here… Do you have time today?”

Dave : “Of course! I’ll be right over”

Okay Dave - you’re cool!

In 2 days, I had a new office space. Lots of windows, it came with a desk AND a filing cabinet!
My favorite part.. The carpeted wall! ; ) Definitely not attached to the bakery, but it is a space to really focus,
catch up on emails, write these newsletters, and organize quickbooks -- for me, anyway.

But let’s talk about Lisa. The moment you’ve all been waiting for. She has been working with us for over a year,
and OH M GEEEE -- she takes care of it all. From photography, to wholesale accounts, to designing beautiful brochures,
filing, running errands, managing our instagram accounts, and much much more -- ladies & gentlemen, Lisa Young.


Monday through Friday 8AM, this girl is always on time, ready to do the tasks ahead of her. Talk about flexible,
espectable, and adorable, this woman wears many hats. While running her own photography business (Lisa Young Photos),
she always makes room for the bakery. I wish I would have documented our ‘behind the scenes’ trying to get these photos taken.
Trying our best to work the self-timer on the camera, we had the whole office rearranged to get the right height,
angle, etc. We eventually gave up on that (too much work), and called over the ever so lovely husband, Michael More -- Thanks babe.


Lisa uses this office more than I do, does the bulk of our paperwork & ordering, so she’s set up at the big desk.
I like my small desk. Two drawers, a computer, a pen, and Ruby coffee. CHECK. When she’s not there in the afternoon,
then I kick my feet up and crush those emails on the big screen. My go-to spotify playlist,
created by my brother-in-law Joseph Bertsch, is “A productive soundtrack for the office.”
A real nice mix of jazz - I seriously listen to this allll the time when I need to get serious. Thanks Joe!


I’m usually coming & going and I always say “Sayonara” when I leave. Side note : I just looked up how to spell sayonara,
and read into the meaning a little bit more. Turns out I’ve been using this wrong the entire time.

Sayonara : Japanese for 'goodbye'; however, it carries more finality. Instead of being used at the end of a day, as in
"Goodbye see you tomorrow," it would be used in situations where you will either not see the person for a long time, if ever again.

Turns out I’ll be back tomorrow, so I’ll have to come up with another word.
Suggestions welcomed : )

That’s it for today, but more to come!

Ta ta for now,

Sarah Jo More
owner & operator of MGB

Photos by Lisa Young Photography
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