We need ya… we really do.


Greg - freakin’ - Wright.

I could just put him in my back pocket (or apron pocket..?) and take him wherever I go. It would be so convenient -
He could help me with any questions I need answers to, and then every once in awhile, he could help shape bread.
Don’t worry, there’s benefits for him too. I would give him small bits of our smoked gouda pretzels,
and it would be a very fair trade. Greg, you in?

Greg Wright is an amazing leader in our community. He is incredibly talented, has a great sense of humor,
and knows how to throw a good party. He also makes a mean brandy slush.

I had a beer with Greg at Guu’s on Main. We laughed, we joked, we talked about the future of Portage County.
We talked about the future of the Fox.

If you haven’t heard, then this is perfect for you. If you have heard, this is still unbelievably perfect for you.
You guys. A NEW FOX. I’ve always said, we live here, why not make it amazing. Just like your home, or your office, garage..
The place that you want to be warm, welcoming, & with all your favorite things - surrounding you
with goodness, happiness, & chocolate chip cookies (just in case).

Stevens Point is our home, so let’s GET after it. Let us surround ourselves with amazing businesses, organizations,
entrepreneurs, & creativity in Portage County. Things are happening here, and I want YOU to be a part of it.
We need you… we really do! If you have a spare $4 or $4,000, our community would be forever grateful.
This is where you can help out! Create Portage County

And I will say… the time is now. Let’s rally and make this dream come true! Currently located on Ellis Street,
The IDEA Center offers Central WI residents access to technology, programming, coaching, work & maker spaces,
and a growing network of users and supporters that promote and support creativity, innovation, and collaboration.
This is where my husband’s current invention & business started, and where a group of us currently meet
to plan the next phase of the bakery. The IDEA Center is not just a cool place to hang, it’s neeeeeeded to
move our community forward in the right direction. I’m asking you to click on that link,
read more, and consider donating today. (PS -- the. time. is. now.)


Greg recently shared on his facebook, this -- And I couldn’t agree more :

“One of the most exciting things about this #ANewFox project is the number of small and
rural communities across the US that are following our progress.
We connected yesterday with a change-maker in Georgia. We work regularly with communities in Kentucky and
Illinois and Minnesota. I met new partners this summer in Iowa and Montana.

Each of these community leaders shares the same goal: to honor what is great about small-town
life while moving their communities more boldly into the new economy. It's about fostering the arts,
innovation, and creativity in a way that is accessible to all people.

If it's been a while since you talked to me and you don't live in Stevens Point,
but you're still looking for an excuse to support this project...THIS:

There are (mostly vacant) theaters in the heart of almost every community (or big city neighborhood) in the US.
If we can transform ours into community hub for innovation and creativity,
we will have a model to share with small and rural communities across the country.

That matters. It is worth $40. Hell, its worth $400,000 if you have it. Get in on this!!”

Get out, see what’s going on, and support Create Portage County on a New Fox.

That’s it for today, but more to come!

Ta ta for now,

Sarah Jo More
owner & operator of MGB

Photos by Lisa Young Photography
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