Did you have a question?



Let’s hear it. Ask away! I want to know what questions you have for us! I’m not sure how I’ll move forward with this - maybe I’ll answer all of them in the next email or two! I’m sure some questions may require a little more depth - maybe I’ll make it into a newsletter!


You may be wondering how this whole thing got started…. Or what our favorite thing to make is… or how many sq. ft we are working in… who does what… where the heck SJ is when she isn’t in the bakery…. Why aren’t you open longer…. What is sourdough even… how are there so many incredible people working at the bakery… what is all in the onion poppy bread…. Why don’t you make little mermaid cakes…. Or whatever the heck you need answered, we gotchu.

The list goes on. What have you always wanted to know about us? You can simply respond to this email with your question or comment on our Facebook post and we will have them answered in a timely fashion! We would love to include your name & the city that you live in with each question, but feel free to request that we do not add that into our newsletter. 

We aren’t shy - Ask us anything. 

That’s it for today, but more to come!

Ta ta for now,

Sarah Jo More
owner & operator of MGB

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