Shhhh It’s hidden..

Best Kept Secret

OKKKKKKK. I finally went. It’s been my goal for about a year and a half to see what Chris was up to, using our bread for his sandwiches in the back of Galaxy Comics.. like what? I took the one & only Lisa Young with to capture our experience. I do not know anything about comics, but what I do know is that this space is bright, historical brick walled, organized, clean, and DANG GIRL DANG they have amazing food available -- not just for their comic friends, but everyone is invited! Want to go with me next time? This is what I ordered off their menu:


“Grilled Cheese - Sometimes simple things are the best - bread, cheese, butter. This is a blend of cheddar, mozzarella, and paremesan on Main Grain rustic white.”

“Chicken Pesto - Seared chicken breast served our house basil pesto, sun-dried tomatoes, & mozzarella cheese on Main Grain rustic white bread”

Quyen (owner of @Shop Assembly & neighbor of Galaxy Comics) suggested we try their house white barbeque sauce, and BOY DID I. (pssst it was good).

I got to know the chefs Adam & Tod a bit. They were proud to say they make everything from scratch and won the best entree “BBQ Brisket Sandwich” at Taste of the Town last year! It was great to see the setup of their kitchen, how they prep for their busy days, and watching them slice up the peppers was pretty cool. Cheers to you guys!

We are so thankful for the local businesses that work with us! Chris has used our Rustic White since they opened and we appreciate his enthusiasm for supporting local! While I was eating my lunch & cruising through the comics (naturally..) Chris informed me that E V E R Y Wednesday new comics are released. Every Wednesday -- and if you know about comics, that’s like a big deal! It’s like, say, you were interested in watching the bachelorette every Monday - big day folks, big day. Just sayin’

So here’s the thing…. I’ll be back. I’ll be back for the friendly conversation, welcoming atmosphere, and of course, the sandwich AND the white bbq sauce. Check out their website, hours of operation, etc. If you go there for lunch July 15-21st, save your receipt, show us at the bakery and recieve a $2 discount off your next purchase! I hope you get the grilled cheese, but that’s just me.


That’s it for today, but more to come!

Ta ta for now,

Sarah Jo More
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Photos by Lisa Young Photography
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