Meet the owner of MGB | Sarah Jo More


Hey hey! I'm Sarah Jo, owner of the Main Grain Bakery! I want to thank YOU for being a part of our email list.
I hope you are look forward to more exciting information & behind the scene details that are headed your way!


I love this bakery. Honestly, I never really had a master plan. The opportunity came along & I opened the
Main Grain Bakery with 2 other gentleman in 2011 and never looked back. We have now been open for 8 years
on February 11! I have grown to love Stevens Point. It’s so so so exciting to be a part of this community,
watch it grow, and be involved. I love our customers (yes, YOU!) -- I am so fortunate to meet such special
people that walk through our door. So many special relationships have been made because of this tiny little bakery!


I studied Family Consumer Science, as well as Food & Nutrition at UWSP. I baked in my little kitchen I shared with
5 roommates, hosted “Pie Mondays,” & made desserts on the side for friends & family. I now am the sole owner of MGB,
employ a staff of 10, and I just take it day by day. I am no business expert -- don’t ask me about taxes, BUT do ask me
about leading a team, & how to create a warm & welcoming atmosphere. More details to come on those topics!

I’m married to the sweetest (& very entertaining and talented Michael More). We have a pup Francis
that I’m obsessed with, and live in an old brick home that is slllooowwwlllyyy in the works of being remodeled.
If you know whether or not we can take down a wall, give me a call : ) 

That’s it for today, but more to come! 

Ta ta for now,

Sarah Jo More
owner & operator of MGB
Let's chat!

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