But have you had their maple latte?


Ruby Roasters Stevens Point Cafe opened their doors this past Saturday -- serving our lovely community
the best maple latte in all the land! Their soft opening last week was a success and instagram was blowwwinnn’
up with all the photos & positive comments regarding their new space, food, coffee, & sweet treats. 

Wait -- sweet treats? 


Yep! Our sweet treats are in their cooler & on their counter! And it’s not just the regular ol’ MGB goodies
you see here on a weekly basis. We have introduced a few new items for you all to try.
Pink lemonade bars, peanut butter caramel bars, golden milk scones, Diversi-Tea earl gray scones
(which taste like the leftover milk from your cereal - YUM), raspberry oatmeal bars, and more to come. Stay tuned.

Our bakers have put a lot of thought into this new opportunity (that we are oh-so-thankful for).
We didn’t just want to offer the same items you see at MGB on the daily, so we spent a few months experimenting &
creating treats we normally don’t offer. We wanted to enhance the experience at Ruby - creating items that you can put
on a plate instead of a box-to go. How can we reduce single use disposable packaging? Sit down, slow down,
take a breather, & enjoy a cup of coffee and a chocolate sea salt scone!
Take a break, meet a friend, write a letter, do a crossword puzzle.

Ruby also has an adorable simple menu offering sweet & savory crepes, as well as ready to go fresh
quiche in their cooler. Check out their instagram to see their latest photos of the space, what they offer on their menu, & merchandise! 

If you’ve read our other newsletter about Ruby, I mentioned how we met & how excited I was for them to be
a part of our community when they moved back to Wisconsin! It’s so awesome to see them expand, create a team,
& offer such a unique dining experience for our community. The space is bright, airy, beautiful, & packed
with local goodness -- artwork, food from our farmers, MGB & more! 

It’s been an honor to work with Jared & Deanna more closely (I mean, they are right down the street).
I do get to see them more often, but to work with them directly has been great! We do offer our baked
goods at the Nelsonville tasting room, but this is different. This is an opportunity for us to introduce new flavors,
combinations, and share more of our goodness with YOU. Their team has also been working incredibly
hard to make this all happen -- shout out to Katy, Kellen, Zach, and their new baristas, servers, etc!
You guys are crushing it. Your customers are going to want to see you, ask questions, watch, learn,
and be a part of it all. Embrace it & love them with all your heart. They love you. I love you too. Like a lot. 


That’s it for today, but more to come! 

Ta ta for now,

Sarah Jo More
owner & operator of MGB

Photos by Lisa Young Photography
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