Move over afternoon coffee, I’m drinking a shrub!

Siren Shrub Co.


I’m currently writing this at the Ruby Cafe in Stevens Point. I’m drinking a zero proof cocktail - the bramble shuffle.
Local black raspberries, strawberry simple syrup, sparkling water, & tart cherry siren shrub.
It’s incredibly refreshing on this 87 degree day. Thanks Ruby!

Siren Shrub? What in the dickens is that? “Siren Shrubs are a concentrate best served as an accompaniment to
sparkling water, splashed into your favorite cocktail or mocktail, simply added to water,
or poured and sipped over ice. Shrubs are suitable for all ages.

Siren Shrubs highlight the essence of fruits and herbs picked at the peak of the season.
They are combined with organic cane sugar or maple syrup and organic apple cider vinegar to create a shrub.”

We spent our lunch hour together at the park - Mindy, Layne, & I. I’m just going to go ahead and say that there’s
a couple things going on in our lives, so to get together for a picnic lunch on a beautiful day??? Unheard of.
We’re busy. What’s lunch? Either way, we’re quite the trio. Get us together with a bottle of wine (or 2),
and before the night is over, we already have plans on how we are going to make Stevens Point the
cutest place in all the land. I’m just saying, we’ve got goals and we know what to do with them.

I remember when they started experimenting with shrub flavors, mocktails, & cocktails. They put them in the cutest
little flipper top bottles, with fancy tape to differentiate the flavors. They would bring them EVERYWHERE,
and we would all know, “oh, that’s just that shrub thing they are working on, NBD...” I swear, the next week,
they were IN BUSINESS basically in alllll the stores, visiting allllll the places, new bottles, lovely photos, a website,
and BOOM - Siren Shrub Co. just became the highlight of everyone’s lives. Even my mom was like
“Um… I’m going to need a few of those bottles the next time you visit, and by a few, I mean 8. Some of my girlfriend’s want them too!”


We have been serving Shrub Soda’s at our TOAST tent all summer at the Levitt Amp Concerts every Thursday
evening! It’s been fun to introduce such a unique drink that adults & kids both love! These guys have kicked
it into high gear, supporting local farmers, getting their product in restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, &
small shops all over Wisconsin! While everyone is freakin’ over the basil, I’m a maple ginger kinda gal.

Read more about the three founders - Mindy, Layne, & Josh, and their story of how Shrub came to be right on their website!
They have recipes for the perfect mocktail OR cocktail as well, AND you can purchase online!
I’m so proud of these 3, and cannot wait to see where they run with this. Have you had? Let us know what you think!

That's it for today, but more to come!

Ta ta for now,

Sarah Jo More
owner & operator of MGB

Photos by Lisa Young Photography
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Levitt Amp/ TOAST photo by June & Jae Photography