F O C A C C I A ! 


Our latest & greatest is the FOCACCIA bread! 

We’ve been making regular focaccia for Red Eye Brewing Co. in Wausau for awhile now.
They use this savory bread for their “beets me” sandwich with beets (obvs), avocado, asiago, arugula, &
tarragon aioli - YUM. It’s so good! I deliver their bread every Monday, and if I’m lucky & have the time,
I’ll pull up a seat at the bar. “I’ll take the beets me sandwich, and a Red Eye Skyrocket Stout please.” 

Now it’s in house! Like.. in the MGB house! 

We sort of gave the boot to our Herb de Provence rolls. They are good, don’t get me wrong,
but more popular around the holidays (pssssttt…. Easter!). We’ve replaced the rolls & started pushing
out trays of “Everything Spice” Focaccia! What’s everying spice? Read on…. read on. 

A recipe FOR REALZ? Yes, that’s how much we love you. 

¼ c onion flakes
¼ c garlic flakes
¼ c poppy seeds
¼ c black sesame seeds
¼ c white sesame seeds
1 Tbsp flakey sea salt (I used Maldon Sea Salt) 

Mix this all together & store in an air-tight container. We mix a good amount of this in our focaccia dough,
but also put it on top of our avocado toast too! (Beer Swiss toasted, mashed avocado, + everything spice)!


Focaccia is made every Tuesday for Y O U -- Stop in & grab one! They even come with a cute lil’ sticker! 

That’s it for today, but more to come! 

Ta ta for now,

Sarah Jo More
owner & operator of MGB

Photos by Lisa Young Photography
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